Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life in MCKL

Well I've been in Methodist College for the past 6 months doing the Edexcel A Levels, and now in the midst of my exams. For all you form 5 leavers thinking of doing A levels, DO consider coming to MCKL!! :) It's an awesome place with awesome people and awesome lecturers! Though mckl is still kinda like the underdog compared with taylors n sunway, this college is really growing! I'm pretty sure it'll become more popular in the coming years!

Masquerade Night was an awesome event!! With people actually dressing up like Halloween and performances.
And of course the best dressed - Shen Wen the clown! Haha

and this was a shot at the waterfall during our orientation camp in SUFES campsite

Some people question the quality of the lecturers and the education given here, but I can assure you guys the lecturers here are super dedicated! like hours and hours of extra classes and tonnes of past year papers. I'm sure the quality can be seen from some of the seniors like Ding Zu Ning who scored 600/600 for her math and was offered a full scholarship to do Actuarial Sc in City Uni, London, and summore students who are on scholarship in Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Econs, UCL, ANU and so many more top universities!

So do consider MCKL and enjoy college life to the fullest!

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